Kid Who Just Finished Happy Meal Still A Miserable Little Shit

A local boy who just finished a Happy Meal does not appear to be happy at all and is in fact, according to his father, still a miserable little shit.

9 year-old Jack Nolan from Tullamore spent all morning asking his Dad Tom to bring him to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal but when they got there he ate just two french fries and half a nugget. Not only that, his mood didn’t change at all.

“I’m not hungry.” Jack told his father, two minutes after sitting down. “This toy is rubbish. It’s for babies. It’s so unfair. This is the worst day of my life. I don’t like food. Why didn’t you bring my Switch. I hate you.”

Tom said McDonald’s should rename the Happy Meal to something more suitable because it clearly doesn’t work.

“Happy Meal my arse! They should call it the ‘It Doesn’t Make Any Difference’ Meal. Not very catchy I’ll admit but still, stop promising things you can’t deliver. That’s blatant false advertising.”

We asked McDonald’s Ireland if they’d like to respond to Tom’s comments.

They told us “We don’t usually give parenting tips but this child’s behaviour is clearly down to his upbringing and nothing a good talking to wouldn’t resolve. Or maybe a good boot up the hole. Just kidding of course. People should raise their children as they see fit. It’s none of our business. But we’re serious about the boot up the hole.”
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