Government Ministers Respond To Request To Consider Taking Pay Cut


A committee set up to identify ways of cutting the national debt has made several recommendations including government ministers taking a 1% pay cut. Ministers and TDs are currently on a basic wage of €95k. However, if you add the amount they claim in expenses to that figure it can be at least doubled and in many cases trebled.

As expected the response from Leinster House has been less than enthusiastic.

“We’ll take these recommendations into consideration and then ignore them.” joked Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who has himself spent over €1 million of taxpayers money on spin and PR since taking office. “People keep asking me why I get paid more than Vladimir Putin or Emmanuel Macron. Have you dined out in Dublin lately? It’s a bloody rip-off! If anything we deserve a raise.”

Minister for Transport Shane Ross agreed, saying “I agree with the Teashop. It’s absolutely outrageous. Rip-off Republic I think they call it. I blame the government. Lol.”

Since the findings and recommendations were made public, there have been no volunteers among TDs in the Government or opposition parties to take the suggested pay cut or to at least cut down on their enormous expenses claims.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin told us “Leo is a terrible Taoiseach and everything he says and does is wrong except this. He’s right on this but everything he’ll do after this will be wrong again so vote Fianna Fáil.”