Fans Still In Shock As Man Who Liked Sleeping With Young Boys Turns Out To Be Paedophile


The world of entertainment continues to reel in shock after last week’s revelations that suspected paedophile Michael Jackson was a paedophile. Music fans worldwide have been expressing disbelief that a man who liked sharing his bed with young boys was a disgusting pervert.

Michael Jackson fans in particular will simply not accept that their music hero was a kiddy fiddler and claim that nobody who was molested as a child would keep it secret for years even though that’s exactly what most of them do.

Shania Johnson who describes herself as Jackson’s number one fan accurately summed up the general consensus among his supporters when she said on social media “Y’all need to shut the fuck up dissin’ Michael you racist mother fuckers probably just jealous it wasn’t you.”

Another fan Michael Bryson said “Those two guys may have been close to Michael and stayed overnight in his house and slept with him in his bed for years but on the other hand I was never there so clearly I’m the one who knows what really happened and I’m telling you all now that nothing happened.”

Next week more shocking revelations as another explosive new documentary will claim that legendary Pogues singer Shane MacGowan has a fondness for drink.