Government Warns Against All Non-Essential Travel To U.S. Coz It’s A Mental Kip

The government is advising people not to travel to the United States unless it’s for essential purposes as the place is mental and it’s a kip.

The U.S. is currently in turmoil not only because it’s the coronavirus capital of the world but also due to the never-ending Black Lives Matter street protests and a President who seems to have finally gone completely mad.

In his latest rant President Trump praised Stella Immanuel, a doctor and preacher who believes in witchcraft and who claims there’s a plot being carried out across America to vaccinate people with the DNA of aliens.

In Trump supporting strongholds, businesses, bars and restaurants, urged on by the President, have reopened causing the number of deaths from Covid-10 to spiral out of control. Meanwhile in an unprecedented move the National Guard has been sent in to try and put an end to the violence escalating in cities all across America.

Unsurprisingly not only has President Trump dropped the slogan ‘Keep America Great’ for the upcoming election campaign, he’s now asking for the election to be postponed because he’s so far behind in the polls.

Here the advice from the government is anyone who has holiday flights booked to the U.S. should not go under any circumstances and if they insist on holidaying abroad they should look for a safer alternative. Like North Korea or Iraq.