McDonald’s Launch The McLanger In Cork


McDonald’s have launched a surprise new addition to their menu in an attempt to attract more customers back to their restaurants. However, if you don’t live in the Rebel County or plan visiting there any time soon you probably won’t get to try it.

The McLanger will be available exclusively in Cork and the fast food giant is confident it will be a big hit with the locals.

We ventured onto the streets of Ireland’s second city to see if the people of Cork are as excited about trying the McLanger as we are. 45 year-old builder Ger Murphy left us in no doubt.

“I’d rather shove a nest of angry wasps up me hole.” he told us bluntly. “Give me proper spuds any day of the week instead of that shite.”

Other people however were far more positive.

“Oh I’ll definitely try one of them. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a langer in me mouth, haha!” joked 89-year old Bridie Murphy.

Some people took a different view entirely.

“I find the whole thing offensive as it stereotypes the people of Cork because it’s just a myth that we all go around saying ‘langer’ just like it’s a myth that every second person in Cork is a Murphy.” said 20-year old student Brian Murphy, adding “How would Jackeens like it if they brought out a burger called a Quarter Bleedin Pounder in Dublin?”

Brian’s classmate Deirdre Murphy doesn’t share his view. She said “Ah it’s just a bit of craic for feck’s sake. Stop whinging ya big langer.”

We shared our findings with McDonald’s Ireland who told us they value the opinions of all their customers, although they added “We refute any allegations that we cause offence or that we are in any way insensitive to local issues.”

McDonalds confirmed last month they plan to launch the McStabby Meal in Limerick later this year.”