McGregor Bars Himself From His Pub

Conor McGregor has barred himself from his pub in Dublin, saying he won’t have that type of scumbag on the premises lowering the tone of the place. The MMA star bought The Black Forge Inn in Drimnagh last year and is reported to have forked out €1m on a revamp.

“We don’t serve scumbags and you won’t find a bigger scumbag than me.” McGregor told the Dublin Gazette. “You’ve heard the stuff I say about my opponents on telly, talking about their families and their wives. What an absolute tramp of a man. We want to attract a decent clientele and build a good reputation and we won’t do that if we have dirtbags like me in there. If I catch myself anywhere near the place I’ll kick my bleedin’ head in.”

McGregor is currently in hospital in the US after suffering a broken leg in another crushing defeat to Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas on Saturday night, although the Dubliner said he was just about to knock Poirier out.

“He doesn’t know how lucky he is. I was just about to batter him when my ankle broke. Honest! The guy will never know how close he came to getting the beating of his life. Never mind, I’ll tell his missus to tell him when I’m rattling her tonight. Jesus Christ what is wrong with me? See what I mean? I just can’t help myself. Absolute scumbag.”