Joy For Blue Half Of Bangladesh As Manchester City Win Premier League


Celebrations are in full swing already across Manchester City strongholds such as Bangladesh and Abu Dhabi as the locals favourite football team were crowned English Premier League Champions. City beat Brighton 4-1 to take the title sparking celebrations and street parties in cities around the world.

Nyoman Komang is chairman of Indonesia’s rapidly growing Manchester City Supporters Club and has been supporting his beloved City for well over two seasons now having previously supported his beloved Chelsea.

“I’m Manchester City through and through. Nobody can tell me there’s a bigger City fan than me anywhere in the world. I’ve never missed a game since I started supporting them. On TV obviously. I’ve never actually been to London.”

Yousef Abdullah is from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates so naturally he supports a football team from the North of England.

“Manchester City is in my blood. Well done to the boys. I love City and obviously it goes without saying that I hate Manchester United.”

Of course if Exeter City were winning titles Yousef and half the World would be massive Exeter fans and hate Scunthorpe United but as somebody once said – it’s a funny old game.

Manchester City meanwhile have confirmed their official victory parade will not take place for several months to give fans who wish to attend the celebrations time to save up for their flights to Manchester.