Trump Locked Out Of White House After Staff Change Locks During Irish Visit


Donald Trump sensationally found himself locked out of the White House yesterday after an 8 hour flight from Shannon Airport in the West of Ireland. The President had just returned from a very successful trip to the UK, France and Ireland but it seems White House staff took advantage of his absence and changed the locks.

As President Trump angrily banged on a side door after failing to gain entry a voice was heard coming from inside telling him “There’s nobody here. Go away.”

Mr. Trump and his wife Melania have been forced to book into the nearby Holiday Inn Hotel while secret service agents negotiate with White House staff through the letterbox.

Meanwhile back in Ireland President Higgins has reappeared after going into hiding for 3 days during Trump’s visit. He had hinted that he wouldn’t be meeting with Trump last week when he told reporters “Something tells me I’m going to be on the lash down in Galway next week. There’s a seisún and a barrel of porter in Spiddal with my name on it. Lanky balls Leo can entertain that gobshite while I’m gone. Give me a shout when he fecks off back to America.”