Passengers Stuck in Liverpool After Their Flight to Liverpool Lands There


Around 200 airline passengers have been left stuck in Liverpool after their flight to Liverpool landed at the correct airport. There are concerns for the well being and safety of the passengers as it is not known if any of them have booked a flight out of Liverpool.

Nigel Weatherhead of the British Aviation Authority spoke to us from their head office which is located a safe distance away in Manchester.

“Initial reports suggest the passengers have all wandered off in the direction of Liverpool city centre. Rest assured we will do everything we can to get them the hell out of there. We have been in touch with their families and told them to hope for the best but also to prepare for the worst. We may lose some of them.”

Liverpool City Councillor Derek Hamilton spoke to reporters outside the Airport terminal building and said people were overreacting and there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

“This is a ridiculous overreaction because of an outdated myth about our great city and its people. Let me guess, you think we’re all a bunch of scallys with curly hair and moustaches who go around wearing shell suits and stealing hubcaps. Well guess what? That wasn’t true in the 90’s when Harry Enfield was doing ‘The Scousers’ on telly and it’s not true now so go away and report on some real news.”

A clearly angry Hamilton then stormed off and headed towards his car which he had just parked 10 metres away. Unfortunately the hubcaps had been stolen and four young men with curly hair and moustaches were seen fleeing the scene wearing shell suits.