Solskjaer Confident Of Keeping Job Until After Next Week’s Liverpool Defeat

Manchester United manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer has said that he’s confident he’ll keep his job until after next Sunday’s defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford. United’s unbeaten run away from home in the Premier League ended yesterday in a 4-2 defeat to Leicester City with many pundits saying the Norwegian will be lucky to avoid the chop. Solskjaer however disagrees.

“The owners are in America and they can’t sack me from there coz I’ve turned my phone off. I’ve not turned on the laptop either just in case I see an email waiting in my inbox with the subject P45 so I’m safe until they fly over next Sunday for the Liverpool defeat at Old Trafford.”

Solskjaer admitted yesterday that he has no idea how he’s still manager of Manchester United.

“If you remember, I was hired as a temporary caretaker manager after the sacking of Jose Mourinho. They were supposed to be looking for a world class manager but I’m still here. Obviously I haven’t got a scooby-doo what I’m doing but long may it continue. I mean the money is fantastic so the longer I can spend on these wages the less likely it is that I’ll ever have to work again. Just as well really because who’s going to hire me after this shit show. Lol.”

Manchester United’s humiliating defeat to Liverpool will be broadcast live on Sky Sports next Sunday.