‘We Haven’t Gone Away You Know’ – Varadkar & Martin To Meet For Exploratory Talks

Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin have agreed to meet for exploratory talks next week after a very amicable phone conversation yesterday. The two party leaders are reported to be enjoying watching the other elected TD’s trying to form a government without them but agreed not to step in just yet.

“Ah no, not yet.” Micheál Martin told reporters yesterday. “Why spoil the fun? I’m enjoying this too much. How’s that government coming along Mary-Lou? Are you Taoiseach yet? Lol.”

Leo Varadkar said he respects the mandate given by the people at the general election and he hopes a government can be formed soon.

“It’s now up to Sinn Féin to form a left-wing government without Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil. As an Irishman I genuinely want to wish Mary-Lou McDonald the best of luck. You’re almost there girl. Just another 30 TD’s and you’re in. Lol!”

Yesterday’s events in Dáil Eireann meant that Mr. Varadkar had to officially hand in his resignation as Taoiseach to our head of state so he flew straight to London to tell the Queen in person.