Robert De Niro and Lady Gaga on Late Late Tonight. (Lol. Nah, It’s Joe Duffy and Twink)


Hollywood legend Robert De Niro and music superstar Lady Gaga will be guests on tonight’s Late Late Show on RTE1. David Beckham will also be calling in for a chat and Coldplay will be performing their brand new single live in the studio. Lol! As if.

Host Ryan Tubridy will actually be joined by his RTE colleague Joe Duffy who will be talking about a woman from Clontarf who featured on his radio show this week after she paid €3 for a cup of tea even though she only paid €2.95 for a cup of tea just last week in the same place.

Twink will also be in for a chat about fuck knows what considering the only thing of note she’s done in the last ten years is tell her husband to zip up his mickey.

Tubridy will round off tonight’s show with a two hour discussion about brexit with several incredibly boring political ‘experts’ that you have never heard of before and will never, ever want to hear from again.

Meanwhile over on BBC1 Graham Norton will be joined on the couch this week by Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christaino Ronaldo and the Dalai Lama. Music will be provided by Oasis who will reunite for special a one-off performance.