Breaking News: Hollywood Legend Kirk Douglas Still Alive


The world of entertainment is in shock today after it emerged that legendary actor Kirk Douglas is actually still alive. The Hollywood superstar, who will celebrate his 102nd birthday in December if he manages to hang on until then, was pictured yesterday in a photo that was shared on Instagram by his son Michael.

Kirk Douglas’ Hollywood career spanned seven decades and he is probably best known for his starring role in Spartacus in 1960. The veteran actor hasn’t appeared in any movies for many years now with everybody assuming that was probably because he was dead.

The revelation that Douglas is still alive has taken Hollywood by complete surprise with many people expressing their astonishment at the news.

“I’m in total shock here. I could’ve sworn I went to his funeral 20 years ago.” said his wife Anne.

Meanwhile it is being widely reported that Sylvester Stallone has already asked Douglas to play his opponent in the next Rocky movie. Production on ‘Rocky Has A Stroke’ is due to begin next month.