Islamic State Thanks Irish Government For Rescuing “One Of Our Own”


So-called Islamic State have thanked the Irish government for rescuing Lisa Smith who they described as “one of our own”. In a statement read out by a masked man and uploaded to social media, the terror group said it’s times like this you realise who your real friends are.

“For rescuing one of our own we thank the government of Ireland and in return we promise to make the annihilation of your society as quick and painless as possible. The one you call Lisa Smith came to us three years ago after videos of our fighters beheading infidels were broadcast worldwide so we know she is a true believer.”

The unidentified man went on to say the Irish government’s actions should clearly demonstrate to anyone in Ireland considering joining Islamic State that if they are captured they will simply be brought back to the country and live to fight another day.

Here in Ireland the debate rages on about whether Lisa and others who left Ireland to join ISIS should be allowed to return.

On one side there are those who say anyone who joined a group that believes all non-Muslim men, women and children should be exterminated poses a threat to Irish citizens. On the other side there are celebrities who tweet utter shit because they’re terrified of being called right-wing. The debate continues.