Irish Weather Warning Downgraded To ‘Fierce Windy’

Met Éireann has issued a ‘Fierce Windy’ weather warning for the whole country for the next couple of days with some counties also expected to be pounded by light drizzle. Last night’s warning was ‘Fierce Windy Altogether’ but this has now been downgraded to ‘Fierce Windy’ as conditions calmed this morning.

Adam Molloy of Met Éireann gave us the meteorological explanation and the scientific meanings behind the various levels of Irish weather warnings.

“When ‘Fairly Windy’ gets a bit windier we call it ‘Fierce Windy’. Anything windier than that is called ‘Fierce Windy Altogether.”

As devastating Hurricanes and Typhoons batter other parts of the world, we in Ireland have been experiencing our own nasty conditions – especially in the west with people there claiming it’s just like living in Siberia.

“We’ve been going through all sorts of mad weather lately.” said 45-year-old Galway butcher Bertie Quinn. “Yesterday the wind reached speeds of 20 mph and then suddenly without warning it shot up to 21. Absolute carnage!”

Meanwhile Adam at Met Éireann says people should take all necessary precautions and be sensible during the incoming Fierce Windy spell.

“I would urge people to listen carefully to official warnings which will be broadcast nationally on TV and radio. And more importantly don’t forget to put your washing out because Fierce Windy weather is ideal clothes drying weather.”