‘It’s Almost As If Ireland Can’t Trust Britain!’ Micheál Martin

Britain’s relationship with Ireland and the EU continues to plunge into crisis after the UK government rejected a demand by Brussels to drop plans to override key elements of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. Taoiseach Micheál Martin said today that he cannot believe how badly things have deteriorated over the last few days and that he never imagined the British would treat the Irish people in such a manner.

“They’re actually undermining the Good Friday Agreement. I did not see this coming. Okay so they once invaded Ireland and wiped out our language, our culture and 50% of our population but who could have predicted that they were capable of lying to us? Frankly I’m shocked!”

Mr. Martin said the special relationship we’ve always had with our nearest neighbour is now in tatters and the trust we shared is being eroded.

“When I think of all the good times we’ve shared down the years. Okay so they starved one million Irish people to death and evicted tens of thousands of families from their land and burned their houses down when they couldn’t afford the rent and sent the Black and Tans over to terrorise the civilian population and burned Cork City to the ground and partitioned our country and allowed their soldiers to commit atrocities and war crimes in Northern Ireland. But the fact is we had an agreement and they broke it. Who could have saw that coming? It’s almost as if Ireland can’t trust Britain.”