Ireland Not Shite At Football Anymore

The Republic of Ireland are not shite at football anymore. Having reported on Wednesday that Ireland were still shite at football after Stephen Kenny’s men were beaten at home 1-0 by the Ukrainian under 15 schoolboys B team, we can now report that Ireland are in fact not shite anymore after beating Scotland 3-0.

Ireland were the better team in an open game in Dublin and got what they deserved, meaning it’s actually Scotland who are now shite and not the boys in green.

Incredibly there are still Irish fans who insist we don’t have the players to compete at international level just because most of our squad play in the second and third tier of English football. Oh yeah? Well why did we just beat Scotland then?

Ireland manager Stephen Kenny told reporters after the game “I thought we played shite against Ukraine the other night and most of the players were total shite but today we were brilliant. Great performance. It’s great that we’re not shite anymore.”

Next up for Ireland in this ridiculous Nations League nonsense is Ukraine again on Wednesday and if Ireland lose that game, we’ll be reporting that Ireland are shite at football again. See you then.