Families Reunited In Kitchens Nationwide As Facebook Goes Down For An Hour


Families all over Ireland were brought together today as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for almost a full hour. Irish families were suddenly forced to spend time with each other as kids began emerging from their bedrooms in a state of confusion. John Breslin from Kildare said it was a strange but enjoyable experience.

“I knew I had kids but I honestly couldn’t remember how many. Or how old they were. Or what their names were. We all had dinner together and then went into the sitting room and watched a film. We spoke to each other a few times too. It was kinda weird and uncomfortable but it was good to see them again.”

All over the country people were forced to put down their laptops, tablets and smartphones and try to come up with other ways to spend their Sunday. Mary Leonard from Drimnagh in Dublin said it was a total shock when her children began appearing in the kitchen.

“I gave up years ago trying to spend time together as a family so usually I just deliver the kids food to their bedrooms. What’s the point in fighting with them about it? Today was an experience I’ll never forget. I’d completely forgotten what a bunch of horrible, ungrateful little shits they are. Please God this will never happen again and they’ll just stay in their rooms until it’s time to move out for good.”