Husband Lost In Ikea For Six Days Finally Found


A man who went missing in the Dublin branch of Ikea six days ago after going there with his wife has been found wandering around the homeware department. 36 year-old Paul Mulhall from Tullamore in County Offaly got lost after going to the toilet unaccompanied last week and hadn’t been seen since.

Although still a little dazed and confused, Paul spoke to reporters outside Ikea this morning as he waited for his wife to come and collect him.

“When I came out of the jacks I couldn’t see Deirdre anywhere. I followed the arrows on the floor like you’re supposed to but after a couple of hours I noticed I kept walking past the same things again and again. I was going round in circles. It was just like the Blair Witch Project. That’s when I realised I was in serious trouble and might never get out of there alive.”

Paul said he felt like giving up several times during his six day ordeal but told reporters that it wasn’t all bad.

“I got to sleep in some lovely beds. Really comfy with beautiful matching duvet and pillow covers. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go into the bathroom section though. I never managed to find the proper toilet again so I had to use the show toilets. Nothing happens when you try to flush them ones.”

Ikea spokesman Sven Stephenson said that due to the large number of men who go missing in their stores they are seriously considering replacing the baby seats in their shopping trolleys with much larger husband seats to prevent this from happening again.