Hurricane Ian Upgraded To ‘Fierce Windy’

Hurrican Ian has strengthened into an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane, the US National Hurricane Center said today, or as it’s known here in Ireland, Fierce Windy.

The hurricane is currently located about 125km southwest of Florida with maximum sustained winds of 220km per hour, the NHC said. It was first thought that hurricane Ian was just ‘Fairly Windy’ but conditions worsened considerably overnight and Pat O’Shea from Met Eireann told us that it is now most definitely ‘Fierce Windy.’

“The local population will need to prepare for widespread windyness when Hurricane Ian makes landfall later today. ‘Fierce Windy’ hurricanes are no laughing matter but it could be worse. It could be ‘Fierce Windy Altogether’ so thank God they’re not facing that nightmare.”

We asked Pat what advice he’d give to people living in the path of Hurricane Ian?

“I would urge them to listen carefully to all official weather updates on local television and radio but more importantly, for God’s sake don’t forget to put your washing out. Fierce Windy weather is ideal weather for drying your clothes. Good luck everyone.”