Government Says Holiday Flights Can Resume As Long As There’s No-one On Them

The government has confirmed that it is happy to allow flights to leave Ireland for holiday destinations as long as nobody gets on them. Minister for tourism Barry Ryan said it’s vital for the economy to support the aviation industry while at the same time discouraging people from using it.

“People should not travel abroad but planes should. This virus is far from finished and you could easily catch it and bring it home. Of course you could just as easily catch it in your local supermarket. Or in a cafe. Or a pub. In a shop. On a bus. A train. It’s everywhere really. You certainly don’t have to go abroad to catch the coronavirus. Anyway, where was I?”

While the government recently suggested travel restrictions could be lifted, chief medical officer Dr. Tony Holohan said people who have holidays booked should cancel them. Needless to say this has led to confusion but Minister Ryan claims the government’s position couldn’t be clearer.

“We are saying that people should not take any non-essential trips overseas. However, we are issuing a list of countries that you can go to. You just shouldn’t go to any of them. If that’s not clear I don’t know what is.”