Ireland Basks In Glory Of Fairly Warmish But Not That Warm Weather


Ireland is currently basking in the glory of a surprise spell of fairly warmish but not that warm weather. All over the country people are venturing outside while not wearing their big coats for the first time this year. We asked Met Eireann’s Ian Farrelly where this fairly warmish but not that warm weather is coming from.

“Fucked if I know.” he told us. “We said it was going to snow nationwide a couple of weeks ago and got that spectacularly wrong. The abuse we received for that was merciless so there will be no more weather forecasts ever again. You’re on your own.”

People we spoke to in Dublin city centre this afternoon seemed to be enjoying the sunshine. Mark Duggan from Finglas told us “It’s lovely. My weather app is saying it’s 10 degrees but that’s a load of bollix. It’s at least 11. It’s just like living in Florida.”

Lorraine Minnock from Tallaght told us “Ah stop I’m bleedin’ sweating. Me knickers are stuck to me hole. I’m gonna have to go in to McDonalds jacks and take them off. Wouldn’t be the first time, lol.”

People are advised to bring a light coat when going out as the fairly warmish but not that warm weather could change at any minute and to bring an umbrella just in case. And leave your knickers on.