Study Reveals Nobody Has Ever Voted For Someone Because They Saw A Giant Photo Of Their Head


As posters of wannabe councillors and MEP’s are plastered all over lamp posts across the country, a study has revealed that the hideous eyesores are actually a complete waste of time. Of the 10,000 people surveyed it was discovered that none of them have ever voted for someone because they saw a giant photo of their head.

Dr. Suzy Sherlock carried out the study and said politicians might want to rethink their election campaign strategies.

“Not only has nobody ever voted for someone because of a poster, most people made a conscious decision not to vote for the candidates with the most posters in their area regardless of policies because they couldn’t go anywhere without seeing their big arrogant face smirking down at them.”

John Breslin of the Anti-Litter League welcomed the survey results and told us he hoped it would encourage politicians to stop putting up posters altogether.

“In the meantime I am calling on people to humorously deface as many posters as possible.” he said. “That usually gets them taken down within days. The old ‘moustache and glasses’ tends to be enough to do the trick. Failing that the classic ‘willy going into the mouth’ usually has them removed within an hour.”