Harry: “I’ve Married A Geebag!”

Prince Harry has admitted to a close friend that he is starting to have serious doubts about his marriage to Meghan Markle and that he didn’t realise she was such a geebag. The former Royal, who became a huge fan and regular user of Irish slang after visiting here in 2018, has been finding it harder to hide his unhappiness while appearing in public recently.

It’s no secret that all is not well with the couple’s marriage and Harry finally spilled the beans when he told his Irish pal “She’s somehow managed to drag me away from my family and my country. What a geebag!”

The couple now live in Los Angeles and despite Harry’s comments, extracts from a new book claim that it was actually other members of the Royal Family that made Meghan feel unwanted and it was for this reason that they moved to the States.

Many Britons took to social media to defend the American. Deborah Weatherhead claimed Meghan is one of the nicest people you could ever meet even though she’s never met her.

Nigel Winterbottom agreed adding “Harry’s full of shit. That’s not the Meghan I know. Stop lying you ginger prick!”

Kensington Palace has not yet commented on the story and is said to be more concerned with Prince Philip who has apparently completely lost his marbles at this stage and was picked up yesterday wandering around London’s Hyde Park barking at dogs and talking to lamposts.