80’s Hairstyles Officially ‘Back In Fashion’ As Hairdressers Remain Closed


Fashion gurus and style icons have come together to officially declare hairstyles of the 1980’s back in fashion as hairdressers remain closed in most countries around the world.

The move is seen as a way of persuading those desperate for a haircut not to seek out unofficial, scrupulous backstreet hairdressers who often charge hundreds of euros for a trim even though they’ve had no proper training and can often leave a customer looking even more hilarious than when they walked in.

Millions of people from around the world have had no option over the past couple of months but to let their hair grow to ridiculous levels not seen since the 1980’s with many afraid to leave home for fear of being ridiculed. However today’s announcement means that not only are those people and their enormous hair now perfectly acceptable, they’re actually officially recognised as trend setting fashionistas and it’s everyone else who is ridiculous looking.

23 year-old Julie Bryant from Wicklow has developed a massive 80’s hairstyle since her local hairdresser closed and she told us she’s actually grown to like it.

“Yeah it took a bit of getting used to but now I must admit, I like it. I can see how this was fashionable back then and I think I look pretty cool. This is a good look.”

So does that mean she’s going to keep her 80’s hairstyle even after the hairdressers re-open?

“Does it fuck! I look like an overgrown, upright poodle. The minute they open this monstrosity is gone.”