Ryan Tubridy lands “dream job” presenting Good Morning Leitrim on North West FM

Under fire broadcaster Ryan Tubridy has landed what he describes as his “dream job” after RTE bosses confirmed today that it is unlikely he’ll be back on Radio One in the foreseeable future.

Good Morning Leitrim goes out on North West FM every morning from 6am until 9am and has literally hundreds of listeners. Not just all over Leitrim either, the signal also reaches several houses in Roscommon.

Current presenter John-Joe Molloy said he’s happy to move to a different time slot if it means North West FM gets such a big star on board. So what kind of show is Tubridy taking over?

“Basically you read out a list of all the local people who died yesterday and play a few songs.” said John-Joe. “That’s pretty much it. The death notices every hour and some music. I give Broken Wings by Mister Mister a spin most mornings and of course Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. You wouldn’t want to stray too far from those classics. You’d only start losing listeners. Today’s music is all shite anyway if you ask me.”

Ryan Tubridy told us this morning he can’t wait to start his new job and said he’s currently house hunting in Carrick-on-Shannon.

“When I was working for RTE radio and presenting the Late Late, one question was always at the back of my mind. Am I good enough to present Good Morning Leitrim? Well we’re about to find out folks. This is the big one.

“And of course if you want to be recognised as the best you have to test yourself on the biggest stage and there’s no bigger stage than North West FM. And what’s the point of being in showbiz if you don’t get to hang out in places like Murtagh’s and The Tipsy Tailor? Watch out Carrick, Tubridy’s coming to town.”