Channel 4 To Make Gogglebox Of Gogglebox

Channel 4 Television has confirmed that it will be making a Gogglebox of Gogglebox, a TV show which will feature people watching Gogglebox and their reactions to it. The current Gogglebox is one of British television’s biggest ratings success stories and station bosses are eager to keep the popularity going.

Series producer Andrew Edwards told us “If you had said to me a few years ago that a show about people watching TV would be one of the most popular shows on TV, I would have called you a mental bastard and kicked you in the face. But that’s exactly what we have with Gogglebox.”

He continued “The stars of Gogglebox are of course the people watching TV, not the people on TV. That is to say the stars are the people on your TV, not the people on their TV. The stars of the new show will be the people watching the people watching TV, not the people watching TV and not the people on TV. So the stars will not be the people on the TV of the people watching TV or the people watching TV but the people watching the people watching TV. Although all of those people will of course be on your TV.”

Indeed. The selection process will begin shortly with people from all over Britain hoping to become the next stars of reality TV. Of course only a select few will make it onto our screens, so what qualities are they looking for in potential stars? “Well obviously not just anybody can make it on television,” Edwards told us. “Genuine candidates would not only need to have the ability to watch TV, but also to say stuff while watching it.”

Meanwhile Channel 5 – always lagging behind in the ratings – is trying desperately to cash in on the phenomenon and will soon produce a similar show. The broadcaster’s head of entertainment Jonathan Greene told us “Ours will be nothing like the Channel 4 show. It will be totally original and unique. We’ve had our best people working on this for over a year now and we believe that we’ve finally come up with a format that has the potential to be the biggest TV hit of the year. We’re going to film people listening to the radio.”