Man Discovers He’s 85% Gobshite on


A local man who decided to explore his family history on has discovered that he’s 85% Gobshite. Brian Smith received his detailed genealogical report just one week after entering the required information by filling in a simple online form.

“Apparently I come from a long line of gobshites.” said Brian. “Frankly I’m surprised. I thought I was part Mexican. My grandfather used to tell me his grandfather was a famous Mexican bandit but it turns out he only used to say things like that because he was a gobshite.”

According to Brian’s full results, he is also 8% Eejit, 5% Bellend and 2% Geebag. He spent around €150 to find out about his family history but someone we spoke to told us he could have saved his money.

“He should’ve just asked me. I’ve always known he was a gobshite.” said his Mother Bridie.