Girls’ Night Out Enters Hugging Phase


Two friends who decided to meet for a few drinks and a catch-up have apparently entered the hugging phase of their night out. Yvonne Daly and Karen Mooney have been friends since school but haven’t seen much of each other recently due to family commitments. It is not known what exactly was said to trigger the prolonged hug but onlookers say the amount of vodka consumed was almost certainly a significant contributing factor.

John Donnelly is the barman who has been serving the girls and he explained what’s been happening so far.

“They started off fairly quiet really, just talking about work and stuff. Then they began listing off all the girls they hate and called them all bitches and soon after that they moved onto dirty jokes. I knew they were getting pissed when they started singing. Awful shite it was too. Beyonce and that Adele song. Someone Like You I think it’s called. I had to tell them to shut up. Now they’ve started hugging and talking shite.”

The last we heard the girls were beginning to get very emotional and had both started crying. It’s not clear if they were happy crying or just crying but they made a solemn promise to each other that they would make Friday evening drinks a regular thing from now on.

Update: After waking up this morning with her head pounding, her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and either bits of kebab or sick on her pillow, Yvonne rang Karen and asked her how they got home last night. She said she has no idea and both girls have agreed that they should probably never do Friday evening drinks again.