RTE Studios Fumigated As Overwhelming Stink Of Bullshit Becomes Unbearable


RTE bosses have called in the fumigators after an overwhelming stink of bullshit continued to spread throughout the building this morning. It began late last night in studio 1 where the Late Late show was being filmed and soon spread to other areas. People started noticing the smell around the time Sir Bob Geldof was being interviewed by host Ryan Tubridy.

Audience members and eye witnesses believe they know the source of the stink. Kevin Byrne from Offaly said “Without a doubt it was coming from Geldof’s mouth. The minute he opened it a revolting aroma began to fill the studio. People all around me immediately started feeling queasy and I saw at least three audience members actually throwing up.”

Bob Geldof has been having a nauseating effect on Irish audiences for a long time now. The former rock star, who looks like he’s been dead about four years, previously compared the leaders of the 1916 Rising to Islamic State and last night when asked by Tubridy if he’s proud to be Irish couldn’t bring himself to say yes. More recently he handed back his Freedom of Dublin Award because he said he didn’t want to share the honour with Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Geldof however also shares the Freedom of London with Suu Kyi but didn’t hand that back. The Dubliner also said that when he was added to the Queen’s Honours List in the UK – joining such esteemed company as Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris – it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

In a recent poll 8 out of 10 Dubliners said they were saddened and disappointed when Sir Bob handed back his Freedom of Dublin award and would have much preferred if the self-righteous prick had handed back his Irish passport instead.

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