Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones? Brace Yourself For Non-Stop Game of Thrones Bollocks


People who don’t watch Game of Thrones are bracing themselves for a non-stop barrage of Game of Thrones bollocks as the hugely popular fantasy drama returns to our TV screens tonight. All over Ireland and beyond people who aren’t into dragons are already suffering as their friends and workmates just will not shut the fuck up about it.

Paul Delaney from Tullamore told us there’s just no getting away from it.

“I got petrol earlier and when I went to pay for it the guy behind the counter asked me if I was looking forward to Game of Thrones tonight. I’ve never committed a crime in my life but just for that I punched him in the head and robbed the till.”

Mark Duggan from Finglas in Dublin also isn’t a fan and told us he’s taken drastic action to get away from it.

“I’ve booked my flight and I’m outta here. 6 weeks in Syria might seem a bit mental to some people but apparently there’s no tellys or TV channels left over there because everything has been blown to shit so I’ll take my chances.”

We spoke to Game of Thrones superfan Brian Denning and he told us he thinks people who don’t watch the show are simply mad.

“How can anyone not watch Game of Thrones? I feel sorry for those people. They must have very sad lives.” said the single 49 year-old unemployed virgin who lives with his parents.