Friends Fans Shocked That Cast Look Older Than They Did 17 Years Ago

Fans of classic tv show Friends have expressed their shock at how old the stars of the hugely popular sitcom look now. The cast finally got back together for a reunion show that is available for streaming from today, 17 years after filming the final episode. Some shocked fans speculated that they look at least 17 years older.

British fan Doris Winterbottom told us “Chandler looks so much older than he did only last Wednesday on Channel 5. It was the one where he changed jobs. Married life clearly does not suit Chandler Bing. What the hell has Monica done to him?”

Brian Dunne runs a Friends Facebook page and he said he can’t believe how much the gang have changed.

“Oh my God when did Joey get all grey and fat? And did anyone else notice Ross and Rachel hardly talked to each other? What was that all about? I’m not one for gossiping but I’d swear they’re on another break.”

All over social media people expressed their shock at how the stars of the show look older now. “Oh my God.” said one fan. “They’re all old!” another ponted out. “Rachel looks fucked but I’d still do her!” tweeted someone else.

For those without a streaming service the Friends reunion show will be broadcast tonight at 8pm on Sky One. Fans of the show are reminded that the episode you watched last week wasn’t filmed last week. They’re all in their fifties now so try to grasp the concept of time and cop the fuck on.