Woman Who Forgot To Bring Phone To Work Doomed To Spend Day Actually Working


A local woman who forgot to bring her smartphone to work this morning is doomed to spend the day working without checking Facebook every five minutes. 34-year old Elaine O’Malley said her heart filled with dread and she slumped into her seat in a state of depression when she realised what she had done.

After spending the first couple of hours in work subconsciously trying to pick up her phone every few minutes before realising it wasn’t there, Elaine eventually stopped doing it and ended up getting through around 800% more work than she would normally.

“Break time was weird.” she told us this afternoon. “I ended up actually speaking to the person beside me. A lovely Polish girl called Paulina. We got on so well we’re talking about going for drinks on Friday after work. I’ve never seen her before but apparently we’ve been working together and sharing a canteen table for four years.”

Elaine said that just a few hours without her smartphone has given her a whole new outlook and a fresh lease of life. She also said she’s determined not to go back to her bad habits starting from today.

“I can’t believe I’ve been living like this or getting away with it in work. And every evening when I go home all I’ve done for years is sit on the couch with my head buried in the phone looking at crap, never paying attention to what’s going on around me. I can’t wait to get home later to see if I have a husband and kids. I’m sure there does be other people there.”