Polish Man Not Happy About All The Foreigners Coming To Ireland

A Polish man who moved to Ireland 10 years ago has said he is not happy about all the foreigners coming here. Marius Jankowski, who lives in Dublin, said we need to look after our own first and told us things are getting out of hand.

“I walked down Grafton Street yesterday and heard almost nobody speaking Polish. It was nothing but foreigners everywhere. It’s getting ridiculous.”

Marius said the Dublin he knows and loves is disappearing before his eyes and we need take urgent action to protect our culture before it’s too late.

“I walked into a bar in the city centre last Saturday and they weren’t even showing the Skra Bełchatów v Indykpol AZS Olsztyn volleyball match. I mean come on. The biggest game of the season. What is happening to my country?”

He also said he sympathises with Ukranians fleeing the Russian invasion but he believes we’re taking in too many and he warned that if we’re not careful we’ll soon be outnumbered by foreigners.

“You mark my words, if things continue like this, Polish people will end up being in the minority in our own country. Ireland.”