Study Finds Men Who Don’t Watch Sport Are Just Plain Weird


A team of scientists from Cambridge University in England have found that men who don’t watch sport are extremely weird individuals and shouldn’t be trusted. Dr. John McIntyre was in charge of the study and he said it’s the first research of its kind ever carried out and the results are both compelling and indisputable.

“For over a year now we’ve been studying men from all over the world who have no interest in any sport whatsoever. What we found is that regardless of culture or background there is one particular personality trait that they all share. Absolute weirdos every last one of them.”

Dr. McIntyre said it’s usually quite easy to spot men who don’t like sports.

“They tend to be loners and socially awkward individuals who live on the fringes of society, just like Hitler was. He also hated sport by the way so it’s really not advisable to become friends with one of these freaks.”

What about people who work with men who don’t like sport and therefore have no option but to engage with them?

“Just do what you have to do while having as little interaction with them as possible.” explained Dr. McIntyre. “And remember not to get too close to them or you could easily end up being pals with the next Fuhrer.”