U.S. Warns Taliban ‘We Will Flee In Shame At Our Own Pace’

The United States sent a chilling warning to the Taliban in Afghanistan yesterday when US Army chief of staff General James McConville told them “We will flee in shame at our own pace thank you very much.”

The Taliban has warned that there will be “consequences” if the US withdrawal deadline of August 31 is not met but President Biden hit back last week when he said “You can’t just run away overnight, it takes time to surrender a nation and abandon its people and if we decide to drag this humiliation out even longer then by God nobody’s going to stop us.”

Indeed the Taliban’s capture of Kabul marks a humiliating end to a two decade war which has cost America over two thousand soldiers lives and trillions of dollars. It also signals the resurrection of the very Islamist terrorist group that the US-led invasion in 2001 was supposed to destroy.

Meanwhile America’s reputation as a super-power has been irreversibly damaged and there are signs that most countries around the world simply don’t fear them anymore. This morning San Marino challenged the United States to a fight and Bolivian President Fernando Maduro called Biden a bitch and said he’s thinking about invading Florida next week.