Putin Accuses Ukraine Of Fighting Back

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of “fighting back” after an explosion damaged part of the Kerch bridge that links Russia to Crimea in Ukraine.

The furious leader ordered the bombing of residential areas in several Ukranian cities and threatened to intensity the attacks unless Ukraine lets him get on with destroying their country and butchering their people.

“It’s a sad day when you can’t attack a country without them fighting back.” Putin said on Russian state TV. “Attacking that bridge was an act of terrorism and uncalled for. There’s no need for it. If they don’t let us bomb their people in peace I will give the order to bomb more of their people.”

As the Ukranian army continues to humiliate the Russians on the battle field, liberating more and more towns and villages every day, Putin is becoming increasingly desperate and has intensified the indiscriminate mass murder of civilians.

The UN and NATO meanwhile continue to tut and shake their heads disapprovingly but said they won’t get involved in case it provokes him into doing something bad.