Irish Weather Warning Upgraded To ‘Fierce Cold’


Met Éireann has today issued a ‘Fierce Cold’ weather warning for the whole country with some areas also expected to pounded by wintery breezes and light frost. The initial warning was ‘Fairly Cold’ but this was upgraded to ‘Fierce Cold’ as conditions deteriorated overnight.

Jamie Colgan of Met Éireann gave us the meteorological explanations and scientific meanings behind the various levels of Irish weather warnings.

“Basically when Fairly Cold gets a bit colder we call it Fierce Cold.”

As parts of the United States and Europe continue to get battered by snow storms, Ireland is experiencing our own wintery conditions, especially in the west with people there claiming it’s just like living in Alaska.

“We’ve been going through all sorts of mad weather lately.” said 45-year-old Galway butcher Derek Connolly. “Just yesterday the temperature dropped to 3 degrees and then suddenly without warning it plummeted to 2. Absolute carnage!”

So what’s the forecast for the rest of the week and should we expect the Fierce Cold conditions to get better or worse?

Met Eireann’s Jamie Colgan told us “The last thing we want to do is cause panic but if things continue as we expect them to we’ll have no choice but to upgrade our weather warning from ‘Fierce Cold’ to ‘Fierce Cold Altogether’.”