Study Confirms Farts Are Hilarious


A government funded study into the effects of farting in public has found that it’s hilarious and that we should do it more often. Most people tend to hold in their farts in public places and only let rip in the privacy of their own homes but Doctor Philip McIntyre who carried out the study said we need to re-think our farting etiquette.

“We sent a team of volunteers out and instructed them to fart very loudly in various busy environments such as shops and restaurants and at mass. What we found was that well over 90% of people within earshot of the farts laughed hysterically while a mere 2% did not laugh and found it disgusting. We can therefore conclude that farts are indeed hilarious.”

So what exactly is it about farts that are so funny? Belching for example doesn’t generate nearly the same response.

“That’s something nobody has ever really been able to get to the bottom of, no pun intended.” said Dr. McIntyre. “For example, you can be the funniest and most brilliant stand-up comedian on the planet but the fact is you have never said anything on stage funnier than a fart. There’s just no comparison.”

So what conclusions can be drawn from the results of this research?

“Farting in public gives others a good laugh and if enough of us start doing it that can have a knock-on effect and lift the mood of the nation. We should all start farting loudly while out shopping and socializing, even in work or school and when people laugh and look around to see who it was, raise your hand proudly and tell them “That was me. You’re welcome!”