Manchester City Ask If Fake Crowd Noise Can Still Be Added After Fans Return

Manchester City have asked all television channels that broadcast their games live if they could continue adding fake crowd noise, even after fans are allowed back into matches. The club’s owner Sheikh Mansour said the fake noise added by some channels sounds way better than the actual noise inside the Etihad Stadium and he would like to make it a permanent thing.

“My friends back home always used to make fun of me when we watched the matches on TV. One told me I should change the club’s nickname to The Monks because he said the fans had obviously all taken a vow of silence. That really upset me. You would think having him beheaded would cheer me up but it didn’t.”

City are regularly mocked by fans of other clubs who like to refer to the Etihad as the Emptyhad due to the amount of empty seats clearly visible during home games. The only time the stadium is ever full is on FIFA video games.

Meanwhile, due to the Covid pandemic, City fans are being warned not to take to the streets in celebration when they are officially declared Premier League champions as there are still strict lockdown restrictions in Abu Dhabi.