Irish Summer Finally Here As Temperatures Soar To ‘Fairly Warm’


The predicted sunny weather has finally arrived in Ireland just in time for the bank holiday weekend. Met Eireann say temperatures will reach a sweltering ‘Fairly Warm’ and people will actually be able to sit outside in their gardens (only until around 6 o’clock obviously when it’ll get fecking freezing again). RTE weather reporter Gavin Molloy explained exactly what’s going on.

“If you look up right now, you can clearly see bits of blue through the gaps in the clouds. Those blue bits are part of what we in the meteorological business call the sky. Believe it or not the sky is actually blue, not dark grey and fluffy looking. Irish people who have been abroad on holidays will be familiar with the blue sky but for others it can be quite a frightening sight.”

All over Ireland people are basking in the glory of the Fairly Warm weather. 32 year-old barman John Thompson from Galway told us “It’s just like living in Florida. I’m sweating buckets lads. Only two hours ago the temperature was 14 degrees and now suddenly without warning it’s after shooting up to 15 degrees. Where will this madness end?”

Even in northern counties where it tends to rain 360 days a year the actual sun is clearly visible in the sky causing confusion and some panic among local people. Sean McGuire from Derry told RTE News “There’s this round yellowy-orange thing just kinda hovering up there and not moving. It’s like something out of a Star Wars film. Everybody’s just standing still and pointing at it. I think it might be getting ready to attack.”

Meanwhile health experts are warning people to be sensible and take precautions during the Fairly Warm weather. Doctor Amy Colgan is a skin specialist at Dublin’s Deacon Clinic and she has the following advice.

“Most Irish people aren’t used to this type of weather because we don’t get it very often so I would encourage everyone to strip down to their jocks and get outside now because this time next week it’ll probably be pissing rain again.”

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