Over Half Of All Facebook Posts Made While Taking A Dump


Did your friend just post a witty comment or a cute photo on Facebook? Chances are they were taking a dump at the time. Research has found that over half of all Facebook posts are made from the toilet seat as it’s one of the only places people are guaranteed they won’t be disturbed.

Dr. Philip McIntyre carried out the study and said it reveals some fascinating insights into the habits of the internet generation.

“The emergence of the smartphone means the days of bringing a newspaper to the toilet are over. Unless of course it’s for wiping your arse but that’s another matter. Most people we surveyed admitted they post everything from holiday pics to announcing the death of a family member while doing a number two.”

Dr. McIntyre said the study also found that some of the most famous and memorable Facebook posts and Twitter tweets were sent from the toilet seat.

“Barack Obama announced to the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead while taking a dump. The first tweet ever sent from space was posted by astronaut TJ Cramer while on the space shuttle’s bog and climber Eric Larsen posted the first Facebook status update from the top of Mount Everest along with a photo of himself having a shite on the summit.”