Evil Nurses Begin Injecting Pensioners With Killer Covid Vaccine (And Probably 5G)

The nurses of Ireland, hellbent on mass murder, have began injecting unsuspecting pensioners with the so-called Covid vaccine. The lethal injection is also suspected of containing 5G and a tiny microchip, designed to keep track of what those who get the jab are doing and saying at all times even though they’ll be dead.

After wiping out our most vulnerable citizens, next in line will be frontline healthcare workers including the nurses themselves. Leading conspiracy theorist and anti-mask protester Anton McCaffrey from Dublin said they’ll only have themselves to blame.

“Anyone who allows themselves to be injected with that stuff deserves everything they get. Covid is a hoax created by the government. And all the other governments. In every country in the world. And all the opposition parties. They’re in on it too. And every doctor in the world. And the nurses. And all TV channels and the newsreaders and presenters. And every journalist and reporter in the world. They’re all lying. And all radio stations and all the DJ’s. They all had a big meeting one day and agreed to take part in the hoax. All of them. And the GardaĆ­. And traffic wardens. How can you people not see that? If you ask me you’re all a bit mental.”

Anton said he intends to continue organising anti-mask protests in Dublin, even when masks are not required anymore.

“Just because people won’t have to wear masks doesn’t mean we should stop protesting against people having to wear masks. That’s exactly what the government will want us to do. Who do you think you’re dealing with here, idiots?”