Giant Killing Shock As Plucky Underdogs England Beat Croatia

Serial underachievers England pulled off the shock of Euro 2020 so far when they stormed to a surprise 1-0 victory over football giants Croatia at Wembley.

England haven’t won a trophy in 55 years and they won’t win this one either but today’s result will at least give their fans something to get excited about until they eventually get knocked out of the tournament in two weeks time.

Croatian manager Zlatko Dalić said his players are embarrassed by the result and that losing to inferior opposition is always hard to take.

“We underestimated them.” he admitted. “These so-called weaker teams are always capable of pulling off a shock result so we should’ve seen this coming. There can be no excuses for losing what should’ve been our easiest game of the group. I mean seriously, if we can’t beat England we’re fucked!”

After the game, former Irish international Roy Keane told Gary Lineker England shouldn’t get carried away just because they won one match.

“I’m delighted you won Gary. It’s going to make it even more hilarious when it all comes crashing down around your massive ears now that you actually think you’re going to win the tournament. Fuck off Gary. You’re a prick.”