Local Girl Announces She’s Quitting Facebook – Disappointed With Reaction


A local girl who announced on Facebook that she is going to quit Facebook has been left disappointed with the reaction of her friends – or to be more precise – the lack of reaction. It’s been more than 48 hours now since 27 year-old attention-seeking drama queen Emma Bracken from Tullamore posted the status update on Facebook and it would seem that pretty much nobody gives a shit.

“I didn’t post it for attention so I couldn’t care less.” said Emma, clearly lying. “I’m just surprised nobody tried to talk me out of it or at least asked me what’s wrong.”

The single mother has 927 Facebook friends and the closest reply to anything resembling concern was from Sandra Cleary – who Emma considers to be her best friend – who simply wrote ‘Aww.’

Emma – who has absolutely no intention of ever quitting Facebook – regularly puts up similar posts. Just last week she posted “I don’t think I can take much more of this!!” – the statement clearly leaving an open question as to what it was she couldn’t take much more of. As she sat and waited for someone to at least ask if she was okay, it was again made clear to her that nobody ever takes any notice of anything she says when the only reply she got was a ‘LOL’ from her Mother.

Probably the most annoying time on Facebook for Emma, who denies being a bit mental, came during the ice-bucket challenge craze a few years ago when absolutely nobody nominated her. Clearly frustrated, she eventually gave up waiting and posted on her timeline “So I guess I’m not good enough to do the ice-bucket challenge then. Thanks a lot ‘friends’. Looks like I’ll just have to nominate myself.”

Emma did exactly that and then posted a video of herself pouring a bucket of water over her own head. Nobody commented.