Promise Of Duty-Free Shopping Sparks Surprise Dublin Rally For Brexit


Irish opposition to a No-Deal Brexit has eased considerably with yesterday’s announcement that it would mean a return to duty-free shopping for people travelling between Britain and Ireland. The sudden change in mood was made even more evident this afternoon when a surprise pro-brexit rally was held outside the GPO in Dublin city centre.

Paddy Delaney from Cabra was attending the rally and he told us he’s taking a stand because the future of democracy is at stake.

“The people of Britain voted to leave the EU and the referendum result must be respected. Plus I’ve a brother in London who I visit fairly often so can you imagine all the half price liquor I’d get.”

We asked Paddy if he’s not concerned about the potential ramifications of a no-deal brexit including a hard border and even a possible return to paramilitary violence. He told us “Did you not hear me? Half fucking price!!!”

In the last few minutes GardaĆ­ said the number of people attending Ireland’s first ever pro-Brexit rally has now reached around half a million with more joining every minute.