Lisa Smith To Turn On Dundalk Christmas Lights

Louth County Council have confirmed that ISIS bride Lisa Smith has been booked to turn on the Christmas lights in Dundalk this year. The local woman is expected back in Ireland any day now and officials in the town have agreed to postpone the ceremony until her return.

The move is already proving to be highly controversial with many local people up in arms. We asked Dundalk councillor Barney Fitzmaurice how on earth they came to the conclusion that Lisa Smith would be a suitable candidate to turn on the Christmas lights this year.

“She’s from Dundalk and she’s famous.” he told us. “That’s good enough for us. At the end of the day it was either her or The Corrs for the 27th year in a row and frankly at this stage we’re sick to death of them.”

Nuala O’Reagan of the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce said the decision to ask Lisa Smith to turn on the lights is a disgrace, adding that there are far more deserving people in the town. Councillor Fitzmaurice however said their options are limited.

“Who else is there? I don’t hear them coming up with any names. It could be worse you know. Steve Staunton rings every year asking when it’s going to be his turn and I can only keep putting him off for so long.”