Protest In Dublin Against Trump Visit That Isn’t Taking Place There


Dubliners are holding a protest rally today against the visit of Donald Trump which is happening about 300 km from Dublin. The ‘Stand Up to Trump’ rally is taking place in Parnell Square because the protesters frankly just couldn’t be arsed leaving Dublin.

Protest organiser Mary O’Donohue of the United Left Alliance Against Profit Says No To Everything Party said they were sending a loud and clear message to the American President that he’s not welcome in Dublin.

“Mr. Trump may not be coming to Dublin but that’s good because he’s not welcome here and that’s why we are here today. To tell him that if he was coming here he wouldn’t be welcome here even though he’s not coming here. I hope that’s clear.”

The protestors say they intend to hold another protest rally in Dublin next week against Russian President Vladimir Putin who also has no plans to visit the city.