Gardaí Say Huge Increase In People Driving On The ‘Spanish’ Side Of The Road

Gardaí say there has been a huge increase in people driving on the wrong side of the road and the problem seems to be happening nationwide. Superintendent Mick O’Driscoll told reporters that incidents of people driving on what he called the Spanish side have been on the increase since yesterday and he believes he knows what’s behind it.

“The sun seems to have caused confusion for a lot of people around the country. They think they’re abroad on fecking holidays.”

The Superintendent said they’re also seeing a big increase in people hanging tricolours from their windows, wearing their county jerseys and complaining about the quality of guinness, saying it tastes nothing like it does back home.

“I’d like to remind everyone you’re in Ireland, not Spain. You’ll realise that when it’s pissing rain again next week but in the meantime for God’s sake get back over to the left side of the road. And stop applauding when your driver arrives at your destination. That’s just taking the piss ”