Local Woman Claims It’s Not Drinking Alone If You’re On Facebook


A local woman who likes a tipple every night has claimed that it’s not drinking alone if you’re on Facebook chatting to friends. 36 year-old Anne McCormack is a single Mother of one and generally hits the bottle straight after she puts her toddler to bed.

“Yeah me and the girls like to get together most evenings to have a chat and a glass of wine. Well when I say get together I mean on Facebook and when I say glass I mean bottle but hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a few sociable drinks with your friends.”

We asked Anne if she only drinks on the nights that she’s chatting to her friends?

“Well actually, as any health expert will tell you, if you have a bottle of wine left opened from the night before it has to be drank or it’ll go off. That’s just common sense. I just make sure I open one every night before I go to bed. Lol!”

So she does drink alone sometimes?

“No I don’t. I got myself a cat so technically it’s still not drinking alone. I just pour fluffy muffin a saucer of milk and myself a glass of wine and hey presto, it’s a girls night in.”

Does she not think she might have a drink problem considering she drinks with a cat?

“Shut up! Fluffy Muffin listens to all my problems unlike those other bitches. She may spend the entire conversation licking the hole off herself but at least she listens.”